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Margot Schaal (Feldenkrais)

Margot offers people from all walks of life a new experience of themselves, to move their bodies more easily and move through their lives with greater joy. Through her gentle touch they discover how to release habitual holding that interferes with optimal functioning. She has practiced the Feldenkrais Method® since graduating from the four year training in 2003, teaching all ages and people in all states of health in the US and Rwanda, and has taught classes and private sessions in Sonoma since 2010.

Feldenkrais is neuromuscular re-education. This method of Somatic Education uses the plasticity of the human brain to offer natural healing from stress, injury, surgery, illness or inefficient body use. It is a practice of awareness that improves breathing, flexibility, coordination, and posture.

Margot guides you to embody more of what you are capable of, doing the things you love to do with greater ease.

Margot teaches you to engage your whole nervous system – brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves – to improve muscle-skeleton relationships, developing harmonious and focused movement. Her clients have learned to address physical and emotional challenges of neurological and muscular-skeletal difficulties, including stroke, accidents, chronic pain, anxiety, and trauma.

Clients improve balance and physical performance, feeling both lighter and more grounded. You improve breathing, increase range of motion without strain, lengthen your spine, reorganize movement patterns locked in from injury and poor posture habits, and enhance athletic skills - improving your golf swing or tennis serve, extending your active time “in the zone.”

Through advanced study Margot is also a Certified Assistant Trainer of the Feldenkrais Method, a Qigong teacher and a Reiki Master. Her specialties include back pain, trauma, recovery from injury or surgery, joint and muscle pain, balance, flexibility, coordination, and neuro-muscular re-education. In addition to seeing clients at her private office, Margot is the Feldenkrais Practitioner at Cancer Support Sonoma at Sonoma Valley Hospital.

You can read more about Margot’s services for a Sustainable Body on her website.