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Freshair Salon - Debra Simpson

Debra was raised in San Francisco and Marin, and has been living in Sonoma for close to 30 years now. She became a licensed professional at the age of 18 and soon after moved to Auckland, NZ for advanced training in hair services. After spending a year there, she moved back to San Francisco to continue to apprentice and train in her industry.

Debra worked as a color educator in the early 90's traveling with her work all over the United States for national and international hair and skincare exhibitions. During that time, she also became certified as an aromatherapist becoming schooled in the art of blending pure essential oils to treat minor ailments and to enhance a balanced state of well being. Today, Debra puts that education to practice with her line of bath, shower and environmental fragrancing products called Fairy Kiss Botanicals. See her page on Fairy Kiss Botanicals here.

Debra owns Freshair Salon which is one of the individual businesses that operates inside of her parent business: Sonoma Holistic Center. She specializes in color, cutting and styling services as well as aroma therapy hair and scalp treatments that are gentle to your hair and skin as well as the environment.

Freshair is a certified green salon due to its practice of recycling its hair clippings with Matter of Trust for their clean wave program, creating hair booms to clean up oil spills in bodies of water.

Debra partners with several other industry professionals to create beautiful bridal hair designs and make up packages. See the bridal page here for more information on bridal packages.

Debra was one of the first "style heroes" working with Hairdressers with Heart, a nonprofit organization offering free services to people with cancer related hair loss. We can shave the head of a person dealing with the initial loss of hair, assist with wig acquisition, shaping and styling and then, during the recipients recovery, a style hero will give touch up services once a month for a year to help with the grow process.

 Debra Simpson