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Art Therapist - Lissa Masters

Lissa has extensive experience working with teens and adults as an art therapist and holistic life counselor. Her approach to counseling focuses on the body, mind, and spirit; encouraging individuals to access their inner strength and wisdom. In a session, an invitation to gain deeper insight around personal issues is given using various creative modalities such as: journaling, sound, drawing, etc. No artistic skills are necessary.


Each session is an opportunity to explore life challenges in a profound way using dialogue and art. Lissa’s deep support, compassion, and understanding are a result of her own personal struggles. This has allowed her to assist others with valuable guidance for taking steps to optimal well-being.


Lissa is a registered art therapist, and has completed graduate studies in holistic life counseling. She is an angelic reiki master and also offers this as a service.

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 Lissa Masters